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Mathew Paul Jinks



Production audio, binaural recordings, mix and mastering for moving image, audio installation, live audio performance, original soundtrack production, contact microphone recording, sample packs, convolution reverbs.

Moving image

Documentary videography, origin stories, music video, artist performance documentation, short story, non narrative and abstract moving image work.



Large format 5x4 analogue portraiture, studio and location lighting, medium format film, hand developing of film, slow processes, Cyanotype/pinhole/paper negative.

Art installation

Freelance Art Installation for The Tate, London, Enter gallery, Brighton and private clients. Time Based media Installation; moving image, audio, performance.



Wheel thrown and hand built Japanese inspired table wares. Raw clay open pit fired pots from Suffolk clay at the foot of Sutton Hoo.


“I have had the fortune of working with Mat on a number of video projects and the experience has always been incredible. Not only is Mat technically gifted, he brings an artistry to each project and considers how sound can elevate and deepen the meaning of my work. I see him as a collaborator and value his expertise, commitment and creativity.”

Elise Rasmussen
Original soundtrack and mix mastering for video art


“Mat Jinks is a lovely human and a creative wizard. He worked on sound for our films for over a decade, and was an essential collaborative partner. Jinks brings insight and careful precision to projects — he enlivened every film, and was essential to what we created.” 

Melika Bass
Production sound and assistant production of a music video for Sigur Rós


“Mathew is an ideal collaborator. He is an exceptional technician and engineer, and also brings a rigorous creative and artistic perspective to everything he does. He has worked on my projects as director of sound mix and mastering, as well as audio composer, videographer, installation designer, and performance collaborator. I trust him completely.”
Chelsea Knight
Projects with Washington Museum of Art & Venice Biennale
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