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Audio services for creatives

Bi-Naural/Hydrophonic recording, mix and mastering of moving image audio, gallery installation for audio reception, on set recording for moving image, original soundtrack production. Working with artists and creatives to realize a level and quality of process and product unrivalled in industry.

Selected Clients

Melika Bass

Jules Rosskam

Omer Fast

Media Hour

Elise Rasmussen

Kirsten Leenars

Bi-Naural and Hydrophonic Field recordings for ambient soundtrack, moving image, and Convolution Reverbs. Field Recordings Here

Field Recordings

On set, studio or location recording for moving image, performance, documentation.

Watch Audio Reel Here

Production Audio

Unique soundtrack production using modular synthesizers, samples and recordings, for moving image, performance, background. Humber Trader LP Here

Original Soundtrack

Impulse recodings made for Convolution Reverb devices. Sample Paks available from modular synths, samples, recordings.

Convolution reverbs and Sample Paks

Live performance of Modular Synthesizers, percussion, samplers, audio devices.

Live Performance

Audio for Moving Image, mixed and mastered for broadcast release and screening, utilising UAD and Protools.

Mix and Master for Moving Image

Audio Projects

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