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Convolution Reverbs

I’ve been thinking more and more about Convolution Reverbs. What are they? Well they are audio recordings of reverb spaces out in the world that you find and might like or specifically you go there and record the space such as inside an old water tower which sounds amazing, or inside a concrete half pipe at a skate park. The way you do it, is use nice microphones in my case Binaural mics, which mimic the way your real ears listen, and a nice audio recorder for me it’s a Sound Devices Mix Pre 3, which has very quite pre amps and 32 bit float point recording, and excellent limiters. Then you make what’s called an impulse recording IR for short which can be a balloon popping in the space, then load the Wav file into a Convolution reverb pedal and Bobs your Uncle as they say. The device uses the reverb tail and applies it to any audio you pass through the pedal, you have in effect created your own unique reverb effect. But what if the Audio recordings were quite special, say a collection of meditation or spaces of worship? There are not many hardware Convolution reverbs but plenty of software versions, a hardware pedal I'm looking at is by Tasty Chips and its stereo :)


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